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It has been a human desire to belong somewhere or have a sense of belonging to someone. This can be a cause, an ambition to be something or someone and any other feeling that includes a feeling of being dedicated to a task or another being and showing heart-melting love quotes for her. If we look at the creation of the universe and then the existence of heavens and then the creation of Adam that further led to the creation of Eve has a perfect reasoning. When Adam resided in Eden, the only desire he was left with was the desire to love another being of his kind. And so Eve was created. This was a turning point where they both found love for each other and life became even more beautiful for both of them and led to the creation of the world as we know it today. Moving further if we see throughout history and time people adopted different ways to express their feelings for their loved ones, especially for someone of the opposite gender.

The Real Power of a Man Is In The Size Of Smile Of The Woman Sitting Next To Him-love-quote-Real-power-of-man-making-woman-smile

For instance, when in love, people used to ask the other person to join her for a dance and used such occasions, like balls, masquerades and other occasions to break the ice and get acquainted and eventually express their love for the woman they loved. This then used to proceed with frequent communication using letters and meeting in public or in different places to get to know each other until they finally express their love for each other or propose them for marriage. So different people had their ways of expressing their love for the opposite gender and get into a relationship.

We can see the stories and legends of different people having some fascinating love stories and had an immense significance in the minds of the people. Such profound legends and people included many prominent names.

Extreme Love Quotes For Her

Extreme love quotes for her sound a little creepy but when the time is right, they too work as well. This could be the sign of unlimited love which overflows from the heart and makes a person unstoppable to love her girl. Romeo and Juliet have been one of the most famous lovers who gained such popularity as Shakespeare’s tragic love story. The couple is known to be one of the symbols of love. The two belonged to a rival family that had generations of a family feud. They fell in love with each other and became true lovers and risked it all for their love relationship. Those acute cites for your girlfriend are actually impressive when she wants your love more or may be unhappy.

Whatever Our Souls Are Made Of His And Mine Are The Same,love quotes for her fiance,love quotes for her when she's feeling down,love quotes for her voice

This deep love quote for her points towards the most important of aspect of a relationship, this aspect is known as “Communication”. In the world of today, if you can make her laugh, then she is definitely going to open her heart to you. Besides that, couples who share the best laughter are the ones that last for longer and live happily. So, it is one of the indicators of a couple’s happy life if you keep her happy and make her laugh with all the cute and lovely acts of love to show your emotions.

To Me You Are Perfect,wife love quotes for her,wonderful love quotes for her,super cute love quotes for her

This makes one of the greatest love quotes for her having one of the most amazing expressions. This really sweet love quotes for her indicates the idea of love about one’s lover that regardless of all the flaws, you are one of the most flawless individuals in the world. This will surely make your significant other feel more loved and more beautiful when she is with you. This is one of the most amazing expressions of love that one can convey to their loved ones and make them fall for you.

This is one of the really cute love quotes for her to give on a special occasion. I would suggest that if you would express by saying the abovementioned love quote to her in public. This would have an impact beyond your imagination. It has the soul touching factor where you actually express it to her and believe that you guys are just a single soul residing in two bodies. This includes that you have almost the same likes, dislikes, and feelings for each other. Also, you guys know what the other person wants and what they feel and care for this amazing bond that you have.

Love Is A Light That Never Dwells In A Heart Possessed By Fear ,beautiful love quotes for her in english,best love quotes for her in english

This is something really true. Love is something that makes you stronger. It also gets you a confident personality. Apart from that, where it makes an individual make a weak decision or decision, it gives the person in love the courage to take a stand for themselves and for the one he/she loves. So if you are someone who has a significant other who is confused due to a limitation or weakness, this amazing love quote for her would give her the courage to stand by you. It is evident in a lot of instances, where people in love have made each other strong and have helped their significant others overcome their fears and do wonders. This is what we say how much I love you quote for her.

Romantic love quotes for her

A Life In Love Will Never Be Dull ,love quotes for her spanish,love quotes for her pics,makeup love quotes for her

Romantic love quotes for her shows the glimpse of romance for your sweetheart. Love should have romance in it. The love story of Antony and Cleopatra is one of the most renowned chapters in history, the story of these individuals in history. It was later depicted by William Shakespeare. The relationship was a love at first sight and became so powerful that their relationship made Egypt one of the powerful countries in the world. The news of their love affair spread like wildfire all over the Roman Empire. They both got married and during a battle, Antony received the false news of Cleopatra’s demise that shattered Antony so badly that he committed suicide. He killed himself by stabbing himself with his own sword. The news was of Antony’s death was a shock for Cleopatra and she took her life. An amorous cite for your girl can show your love to her like all this.

An emotional love quotes for her; this is one amazing love quote for her that can make her feel special. It indicates that you are not bored or sick of her existence in your life rather than that when she is around you, you feel totally amazing and at the top of the world. Her existence gives you the utmost happiness and excitement and something that makes you feel blessed with her. Besides, this you can use this love quote for her and express the feeling you get since you have started loving her.

Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today, love quotes for her from the heart,love quotes for her from the heart in English,true love quotes for her

It is something very true that one should always smile. The reason is that people in the current era have a lot of unhappiness, despair, and restlessness going on within themselves. It is necessary to make people happy or at least try to ease up their pain to a certain extent. Talking about your significant other, it is said that in the world of today, that if you want to win a woman’s heart, try to make her laugh or at least be the reason or to be her smile.

A True Love Story Never Ends,love quotes for her from the heart in spanish,very romantic love quotes for her, love quotes for her from the heart in spanish,very romantic love quotes for her

This is one of the most renowned facts of one’s love life. That true love never dies, nor does it end. Regardless, you get success in your relationship and end up having each other as husband and wife or not. Talking about your significant other, it is said that in the world of today, that if you want to win a woman’s heart, try to make her laugh or at least be the reason or to be her smile. Even if you stop seeing each other, if you guys truly love each other, you will still be soul mates and there is a high possibility that love would find a way and bring you guys together, if not in this world, but in eternity for sure.

Deep Love Quotes For Her

You Make Me So Proud Of Being In Love With You, love quotes for her pictures download,love quotes for her status,love quotes for her in telugu

Deep love quotes for her are a very nice plan to telling your inside story about her to her. Deep love in the world is a rare thing. The love story of Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere was a huge tragedy. Their love story became a tragedy because Guinevere was King Arthur’s wife and the love story became popular slowly because Guinevere kept her away from Lancelot. They eventually became lovers. When the love story was revealed Sir Lancelot escaped but Guinevere was seized and was charged off adultery and was condemned to die by burning in fire. Later on, she was rescued by Sir Lancelot. Lancelot ended being a hermit while Guinevere was known to spend the rest of the days as a nun at Amesbury and later on died.

Those buried cite in your heart for your girl should be come out for her when it is the need of time before the time goes to an end. There are many other names that are part of different cultures and are also some great symbols of love. These include Tristan and Isolde, Paris and Helena, Orpheus and Eurydice, Napoleon and Josephine, Odysseus and Penelope, Paolo and Francesca, Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler, Jane Eyre and Rochester, Layla and Majnun, Eloise and Abelard, Pyramus and Thisbe, Elizabeth Bennett and Darcy, Salim and Anarkali, Pocahontas and John Smith, Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, Marie and Pierre Curie, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and many others.

My Heart Is Wherever You Are, looking for love quotes for her,one word love quotes for her,long cute love quotes for her

This is one of the most amazing love quotes for her that can convey a lot of messages especially if you think she might be lonely or missing you when you are away. It is best to remind her that wherever she is in the world and no matter where you are in the world you are always thinking of her and that your heart rests with her. This a very passionate love quote for her that you can always use to remind her of her place in your life and the cardinal role she plays in your existence.

He is one of the best things that you can make your loved one feel valued. It is one of the love quotes for her from the heart in the English language. This is one way to actually say when she is confused, scared and when she is going through a setback in her professional life or even in a personal setting with her family. Make her feel valued, and she is surely going to give her heart to you. There is nothing better than the feeling of getting pampered and getting supported by your significant other. It gets rid of the fear to lose or the feeling of a failure.

Love Is Partnership Of Two Unique People Who Bring Out The Best In Each Other, And Who Know That Even Though They Are Wonderful As Individuals They Are Even Better Together, love quotes for her 2018,love quotes for her meme,3 word love quotes for her

It is another cute love quote for her that can convey a very strong message in a very simple way. It expresses your desire to be with her on one hand and on the other hand, it also conveys the message about the joy and perfection her existence in your life as your partner brings to you. It also expresses your love and the feeling of perfection no matter how adverse life gets or no matter how much smoother and perfect your life is. She adds more value and more quality to the time you guys have together.

I Fell In Love With Her Courage Her Sincerity And Her Flaming Self-Respect, very special love quotes for her,finding love quotes for her,friday love quotes for her

This is something that you can say in her praise and to actually accept the different traits of her personality. Also, to actually make her feel good about herself you can actually quote this love quote for her. This can be best conveyed over a dinner date or on an occasion when you are meeting her in person for coffee or a walk in the park. It works as an appreciation and for a reason when she asks you or expects to hear something good about herself from you.

I Keep My Self Busy With The Things I Do. But Every Time I Pause, I Still Think Of You ,love quotes for her,deep love quotes for her,romantic love quotes for her

This is one of the most amazing words that you can tell you’re significant other about if you are out on a business trip or on a vacation with your friends. You can always tell her how much you are missing her when you are sitting back relaxed in your room after the day’s work and all the routine work of your personal and professional life. Women always love to know that how much you were missing her and it brings a smile on their face when you tell them about your feelings for her.

Love is in The Air, best love quotes for her 2016,sentimental love quotes for her,love quotes for her new year

This love quote for her is something that you can put on your Facebook status or on your Snapchat. If you are putting it on Snapchat, it is a good idea to put an emoji of your beloved’s account as well. This shows that you are comfortable to express your feelings for her in public. The message itself is a symbol of your love and feel that you have for her at the moment.

If You Love Her - Let Her Be Free ,trust-her-love-quote, love quotes for her espanol,love quotes for her return,love quotes for her reddit

This is something that is a known fact that if you love her the most, the best way to check it out is to let her go, if she is yours she is going to come back. One of the other aspects of this love cite for her if you love someone it is better to make them feel as comfortable as possible as it is something that is considered as a good practice of having a successful relationship.

Love Is When Other Person’s Happiness Is More Important Than Your Own ,happiness-of-her-love-quote, love quotes for her valentines day,love quotes for her facebook,nice love quotes for her

This is one of the best emotions that you can convey as a love quote for her. This shows that you acknowledge her feelings for you and appreciate one of the most beautiful aspects of your relationship that is caring for each other. This is something that works best in a relationship and adds more beauty to it as well.

Funny Love Quotes For Her From The Heart

Yes I Do, proposing-her-love-quote, love quotes for her miss you,love quotes for her marriage,love quotes for her hd

Using this as an expression of love gives your lover a feeling of standing in the wedding dress at your marriage. This would make it ultimately romantic for the both of you. Just 3 words these are but they have a very strong impact. So, people try to look for love quotes especially some special love quotes for her or him to express their love and affection. Funny love quotes are really cute love cite for your sweetheart girlfriend and make her love you back.

Keeping this in mind and to get your beloved or girlfriend we have added a few sweet love quotes for your girlfriend that can work as some passionate love quotes for her and convey your feelings in a more effective way. Some of them are as follows:

Love Is Just A Word Until You Find The Right Person To Show It To, love-should-be-with-right-person-quote, very short love quotes for her,love quotes for her in marathi,short sweet love quotes for her

This is one of the known facts that tell us the importance of the word “Love” itself before and after you find someone who you want to convey your feelings to. It is nothing more than a word without a meaning or importance if there is no one to whom you can say that too.

Funny love quotes for her from the heart should be needed when you want to make your girl smile and want to her to see that in front of your eyes. According to a research, discovering a love language of an individual requires a little observation of the ways they express love to others. Also, this requires analyzing thing that they mostly complain about quite often. Also, this includes the thing that they mostly require from their partner. The theory also suggests that people tend to give love to the others in the same way that they prefer a funny cite from your heart for your girl. This can easily be accomplished via a better communication that is supposed to take place between couples. In such a communication one can easily show their care to the other person of the opposite gender in the form of a love language. It is necessary that the recipient understands as well.

Love more worry less, life is beautiful ,love-more-worry-less-quote-for-her, single line love quotes for her,love quotes for her eyes,short love quotes for her from him

This is one of the most important principles of life that one should adopt in order to improve their routine life and love life. This is also one of the ways to make the world we live in a better place for our forthcoming generations.

Sweet love quotes for her are the ways of showing your sweetness to your girl. The above-mentioned and many other love stories are part of human history and entertainment through the passage of time but made their mark in human history. All of such individuals have become an example for lovers for many generations. The only difference between sending love quotes for her is of delivering the emotions that one puts in conveying their love as heart melting love quotes for her. People of the past used to face the thrill of getting someone whom they can trust, write their lovers a letter with romantic love quotes for her and the waiting period of the replies that she would send back and the entire thrill involved in between the process. Sweet loves cite is helpful whenever you showed some little anger to your sweetheart.

You Are The Risk I Will Always Take, new love quotes for her,amazing love quotes for her,famous love quotes for her, new love quotes for her,amazing love quotes for her,famous love quotes for her

This is something that is too cool to say to a lover. This is definitely going to bring a smile on her face and would urge her to love you even more. If you guys are a newly committed couple then, this will be something that is going to work big time.

Sweet Love Quotes For Her

I Want To Be Your Favorite Hello And Your Hardest Goodbye! ,favourite-hello-love-quote-hard-to-say-goodbye, special love quotes for her,love quotes for her in hindi,love quotes for her pictures

This is one of the most beautiful feelings that one can convey to your loved one and would mean a lot. It is a good practice to send this quote to her in the morning when you wake up and message her this quote. This would make her feel special and would let her know how important she is to you.

People of that era used to use some emotional love quotes for her. Times changed and so did the way people used to express their love and emotions for one other. The expression of love through love cite for your girl or him is now more like catchphrases. So now, the deep love quotes for her have become more of funny love quotes for her from the heart that is also sweet love quotes for her as well. Lovers of today expect the other person they want to be with to be a little witty, sweet, and intelligent and be able to get them to smile as well.

, Love Has No Age, No Limit, And No Death, adorable love quotes for her,cool love quotes for her,top love quotes for her, adorable love quotes for her,cool love quotes for her,top love quotes for her

This indicates a known fact that there is no age, no limit and no end to love. If you have a strong love connection towards your significant your feelings will stay young forever. This is something that can be an amazing quote for your wife or fiancé.

,This Distance Between Us Could Never Stop Me From Loving You, distance-cannot-stop-love-quote-for-her, love quotes for her in the morning,long love quotes for her,falling in love quotes for her

People today are getting in touch with each other on social media and long distance relationships are gaining strength round the clock. If you have a girlfriend or someone special who is living far from you, you can surely say that to her. The quotation expresses a firm bond between people no matter how close or far they are from each other.


This is one of the funny love quotes for her that you can actually use bring a smile to her face. The girls of today, like someone with a great sense of humor and this, can increase your chances to get into her good books and even in her dating list as well.

A Million Stars In The Sky One Shines Brighter I Can’t Deny A Love So Precious A Love So True A Love That Comes From Me To You ,only-one-star-in-millions-to-love-quote-for-her, popular love quotes for her,love quotes for her new,love quotes for her monthsary

This is one of the cute ways of letting her know how special she is to you. If you’ll send such a love quote for her, then she is surely going to think that you are really cute and at the same time utterly romantic.

You Brought Me Sunshine When I Only Feel Rain; You Brought Me Laughter When I Only Feel Pain, sun-shine-of-life-love-quote-for-her, love quotes for her roses are red,love quotes for her in yoruba,love quotes for her one year anniversary

This is one of the ways when you can actually be romantic and grateful to her for being part of her life. This actually is an acknowledgment of her role in your life and a way where she has made your life worth living.

There are millions of quotations that will help you express your feelings for her. The above-mentioned quotations would make her feel extra-special and more important for you. They speak the language of love in a far better way than anything using digital media or the old fashion methods like enclosing these in a greeting card.

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